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Stephen Pasture Seeds - Research and Advice With On-Farm Results For Over 55 Years

Established in 1957, Stephen Pasture Seeds have created an enviable reputation of trust by providing unbiased advice to rural stores and farmers.

Stephen Pasture Seeds possesses one of the most experienced team of pasture seed technical advisers in Victoria, Tasmania and South East of South Australia. Our advisers only recommend products that have been proven in Australia, particularly in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australian conditions. Stephen Pasture Seeds have invested heavily in research including trial sites to support retailers and their farming clientele.

We stock the largest range of temperate grasses in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia and are major distributors for most Australian and many overseas seed companies including Agricom, TasGlobal Seeds, Vic Seeds, Seed Genetics International, Cropmark Seeds, Heritage Seeds, Pacific Seeds and PGG Wrightson Seeds. We really are the 'One Stop Shop'. When purchasing seed SPS follow a strict quality control system, ensuring the end user receives the best quality seed we can provide.

Stephen Pasture Seeds modern mixing and seed coating facility provides assistance in supplying the highest quality product to help farmers achieve their production outcomes.

Our products are distributed and supplied throughout Victoria, Tasmania and South East South Australia via an extensive network of rural stores. However our well known advisers provide extensive technical advice direct to farmers.

For more information on any of the products and information featured please don't hesitate to contact the friendly team at Stephen Pasture Seeds.

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With many areas of the eastern states still experiencing severe drought, water supply issues and dismal water allocations for irrigation, producer's strategies will need to be in place to maximise the use of autumn rains when they arrive. To maximise early drymatter production seeding rates are the key. High seeding rates will double early drymatter production.

In our April newsletter we focus on Uplands Hispanica cocksfoot and red clover which is receiving renewed interest as a high performance species in dairy and lamb finishing systems.

Plant breeders are looking for traits like summer dormancy in temperate perennial pasture grasses to handle extended drought and changing climatic conditions. Uplands Hispanica cocksfoot is one such species that can fit many pasture systems to provide persistence as well as production in summer-dry low rainfall environments.

With lower milk payout prices, productive pasture based systems provide producers opportunities to control costs. Red clover can fit into many dairy systems with irrigation or adequate rainfall to suit the species. The addition to soil nitrogen for following forage crops and pastures from species like red clover is often underestimated.


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